Passing A Passion For Food And Cooking Onto Children

Ricardo Wells

Two reasons to have your big party professionally catered

If you will be hosting a big party and there will be a dozen or more guests in attendance, then it is worth having the food prepared by a local company that provides event catering services instead of preparing the food yourself. Read on to find out why. You won't have to worry about food poisoning or allergic reactions Preparing meals for a large number of people ca

Matching Wine with Steak: A Guide

There are few finer things in life than a good steak. If you are planning to visit your local steakhouse, you will want to order the perfect glass of wine to accompany your food. If you are filled with fear when presented with a wine list, you may panic and choose a wine which does not bring out the wonderful flavours of the meat. This could ruin what should be a wond

Go Home Cake, You're Drunk: The Booziest Cakes You'll Find

It's not an uncommon sight when reading recipes. Many of them will call for a generous glug (or whole bottle) of red wine, white wine, sherry, beer or any other number of alcoholic beverages. Of course, when you add alcohol to a dish that is going to be simmering for a while, chances are that most of the alcoholic content will have evaporated away. Not all of it will

Hygiene Tips for Caterers

If you are a caterer, one of your worst experiences would be someone complaining of stomach upsets after taking your food. As such, it is critical to exercise high hygiene standards when preparing food for large groups of people. A simple mistake could dent your reputation and adversely affect your business. Below are simple hygiene tips that people offering catering

And You Thought Pineapple Was Weird: Curious Pizza Toppings from Around the World

When it comes to pizza toppings, the suitability of pineapple is a hotly debated topic. For some people, it just seems wrong. The President of Iceland once went as far as claiming that he would make it illegal for pineapple to be a pizza topping if it was within his power. While he was (hopefully) joking, you don't have to search very hard to find people who think tha