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And You Thought Pineapple Was Weird: Curious Pizza Toppings from Around the World

When it comes to pizza toppings, the suitability of pineapple is a hotly debated topic. For some people, it just seems wrong. The President of Iceland once went as far as claiming that he would make it illegal for pineapple to be a pizza topping if it was within his power. While he was (hopefully) joking, you don't have to search very hard to find people who think that pineapple on a pizza is an abomination. These people just don't like the idea of fruit being on a pizza.

Those in the pro-pineapple camp could counter with the fact that pizza sauce is made from tomatoes, which are technically a fruit. But while Hawaiian pizza crammed with pieces of pineapple might not be to everyone's taste, it's still a standard inclusion on the menu at your local pizza restaurant. How would you feel about eating a pizza with these far less common toppings from around the world? 

From Sweden: Banana Curry Pizza

Ah, Sweden… that tropical oasis with an abundance of banana crops. No, not really. This is why it's curious that the banana curry pizza is practically a national dish of this Scandinavian country. It's essentially a pizza base, slathered with sauce, sliced ripe bananas, curry powder and cheese.

From Norway: Whale Pizza

Environmentalists might want to not think about this one, but across the border in Norway, whale pizza can be found on some restaurant menus. Norway is one of the few countries in the world that still permits commercial whaling, and so products made from minke whales are a common sight in restaurants and supermarkets. Best to ask about the origin of the topping if you should ever be ordering a pizza in Norway.

From Canada: Sushi Pizza

What could easily be pieces of fish on a pizza base drizzled with wasabi sounds like it could be an interesting amalgamation of both sushi and pizza. Though Japanese in heritage, the dish actually originated in Toronto and uses a fried rice patty instead of a traditional dough base.

Unknown Origins: Strawberry Pizza

In some ways, the words strawberry and cheese seem to go together. Just think of strawberry cheesecake. But what about sliced strawberries, assorted other toppings, covered with savoury cheese and baked on a pizza base? Even those who love pineapple on pizza might have strong objections to strawberries making an appearance.

If the existence of all these unusual toppings being commonplace on pizzas around the world is a bit confusing, perhaps pineapple won't seem so bad now?